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Week 4 diss is soon comments to students

Week 4 diss is soon comments to students.

I’m studying for my Writing class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

Respond to Peers: Review your classmates’ posts and respond to at least two of your peers by Day 7. Each peer response should be a minimum of 50 words. In your peer responses,

  • Provide feedback regarding the person or people selected to serve as a human source of support.
  • Share any suggestions you have for their potential value as a source of support and make a recommendation if you see an opportunity for one.
  • Engage your peers on the subject of grit, building one’s agency, and overcoming obstacles.

stain- There were a couple of ideas from the article, “Arian- The Importance of a Social Support Network in Achieving Your Goal” that I could relate too. The one that resonated with me was about the people or environment I spend the most time in, will shape the type of person I become. If I spend time around people who spend money, I will be more likely to spend money. Jim Rohn stated, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” I live by this statement, which reminded me that I made the right choice by following that statement years ago. For example, I have a group of friends who love to volunteer at the homeless shelter, Alameda County Food Bank, and cleaning up the community. By surrounding myself with positive, motivated people who believe in helping others, accomplishing goals, and building relationships. It has motivated me to achieve goals, remain humble, increase my social skills, and create a sense of purpose and value. One of the main reasons I enrolled in school is that most of my friends and coworkers have received their college degrees. I saw them go through the process and the hardship and how they had to restructure their lifestyle to achieve them. The people I identified to support me toward reaching my goals were my classmate’s feedback on my writing skills. My writing has always been a weak area and has discouraged me from returning to school. My classmates have helped by providing more useful feedback than my supervisor. I also use school resources such as the paper review, writing center, and Grammarly. They have been a valuable tool in completing my coursework and have improved my writing skills and confidence. One idea that I gained from watching the TEDTalk by Anindya Kundu was that we all come from different backgrounds, and people experience different challenges such as financial struggles, lack of resources in the community, poor health, or moral support in the household. Despite the challenges, some people have overcome their obstacles by recognizing their situation and their strengths or grits and creating a support network that would support them in achieving their personal goals. If I direct my energy toward my goals and surround myself with like-minded people who will offer moral support, I should be able to reach my goal as long as I stay focused and work through my challenges.

Jill- It’s hard for me only to pick one theme or idea from the lesson this week that resonates with me. In my notes, I have several things marked for reference that impacted me as I read through the lesson. However, the idea that stood out most to me is that having significant goals and the desire to achieve them can make others uncomfortable because their drive doesn’t match yours. We must not let others that are content with mediocrity pull us back from our desire to meet goals. This concept stood out to me most because several of my closest personal connections have not been overly supportive of my return to the classroom. Looking at those individuals that have not been supportive, it’s now clear that they don’t have the desire or fire to push for growth and excellence. While this is okay for them, it is not okay for me, especially with the significant growth goals that I have set for myself. I must be mindful not to let their mindset impact mine. I must make sure that I surround myself with like-minded individuals with similar goals and drive. The support of those people will be vital in my academic and professional success.

It was a natural choice for me to select my accountability partner for my academic journey. Through my company, I am a mentor to a less senior member of our Sales and Service team. While my professional mentee has less experience within our industry, she has a significant amount of experience in the academic world. She is currently pursuing her MA in Organizational Leadership, so our goals, personalities, and drive are very similar. She has already been a great source of esteem support during this first course with her encouragement along the way. She sends texts and notes to check-in to see how my assignments are going routinely and reminds me that I’m doing a great job when I need it most. She has also provided a significant amount of informational support. I had a hard time understanding why I was marked down .12pts on our week two assignment. I had her read through it, and she gave me some helpful insight into what was likely missing and asked several questions to help me dig deeper into what was required. Knowing that our weekly assignments would be crucial in creating our final project, I wanted to make sure that I had all the necessary details included to be successful. Her feedback and support have been extremely beneficial in this class, and I’m confident that it will be in the future. It’s also a benefit that I play a significant role in her support network academically and professionally.

I enjoyed the TEDTalk from Anindya Kundu. The central concept that I gleaned from this was that sometimes grit isn’t enough. Grit is imperative and gives us the drive to be successful, but there are many external factors as well. Having a mentor and a robust support system will be vital to our success academically or professionally. I believe it’s going to be essential to reassess my support system throughout my journey to be confident that the individuals involved are the right fit for my goals and needs along the way.

Mine- One idea that resonates with me is the advice to surround myself with like minded individuals who understand my goal and would grow my support network. I particularly like this one because we could all push each other to do better and be better as we try to achieve our dreams together. A healthy sense of competitiveness could also push our limits and help us all grow. Not everyone will understand my struggles, but these like minded individuals will share in both my joy and sorrow.

I believe that my classmates can better help me determine my strengths and my weaknesses as I go about with my development plan and growth. They offer a perspective of myself that I would not see on my own, and I would be able to use these criticisms in order to approve. With their help, I would be able to overcome some challenges that I previously had not known existed.

Annidya Kunu elaborates on the fact that while grit is a key factor to achieving success, a little push through mentorship and opportunities will keep you on the right track. I think that I am personally somethings afraid of asking for help or guidance, but I realized that this is really important because mentors can help me pave the path I want to make for myself and at the same time, they will help me avoid the sam mistakes they did.


Week 4 diss is soon comments to students