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Week 4 M0110 Quiz

Week 4 M0110 Quiz.

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Unit 4 Quiz – Skills Test

  • Due Saturday by 11:59pm
  • Points 180
  • Submitting a text entry box or a file upload


This test needs to be completed during unit 4-after completing the Touch Typing Course! Please complete the test in Typing Quest (Links to an external site.).

To access test, log in as normal, and the current course should show: “Touch Typing Basic Course.” There will be a button on the left designated “Typing Tests” that when clicked will bring you to the Skills Test – click on start typing test, and you will begin the test.

You will upload the results for this test in the link above by copying and pasting the results into the submission section on the Unit 4 Assessment – SKILLS TEST link.

Upload assignment using the link above.

Week 4 M0110 Quiz