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White Collar Crime

White Collar Crime.

I’m stuck on a Law question and need an explanation.

1 ½ – 2 pages, 12 font, double spaced, all work that is not your own original ideas must be cited properly using the APA format (listed in the course syllabus in Content Section). You should be citing in the body of your paper as well as on the source page

**Only use the course textbook “TRUSTED CRIMINALS” and videos as your sources. I will not accept any additional sources.

Work not properly cited will be treated as plagiarism according to the school policy as listed in the student handbook.

– **Your paper should also have a Source Page listing sources used.

Late Assignment will not be accepted.

Assignment Question (s):

(**NOTE: YOUR FINAL EXAM will be the Paper Assignment Below)

TOPIC: Deterring White Collar Crime

**Read pages 350-352 (Positive/Negative Sanctions), page 354 (Compliance vs Punitive Approach) and page 355 (Deterrence Approach).

Watch the video documentary regarding Bernie Madoff (operated the largest Ponzi Scheme in history)

  1. First, in your view, why do you think Madoff committed the Ponzi Scheme? What motivated him, what was his mindset? Did he have remorse? Explain fully.
  2. Which of the above deterrence methods listed (see above) from the text (pp 350-355) do you feel would be the best to deter White Collar Crime. Would these approaches have worked in deterring Madoff? Fully Explain.

White Collar Crime