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why you would you use each cues

why you would you use each cues.

I’m working on a Social Science exercise and need support.

For this assignment I have given 5 examples of cues and prompt. You will explain the use of each cue example listed below. The Person is disabled and works at a print and copy business. This assignment pertains to indirect ,direct, Indirect nonverbal instructions, gestures, model prompts for a disabled worker.

Prompts and cues Examples

1. Indirect Verbal “What do you do next?” “Where are you supposed to go?”

2.Direct Verbal Instructions: Make copies . shred papers .

3.Indirect Nonverbal Instructions: A blinking light on a computer is natural cue that can prompt the individual to plug the computer up . Buzzing on a fax machine is a natural cue to prompt the individual send a fax.

4.Gestures: Tap a phone (to prompt the individual to make a call). Touch a stack of papers (to prompt the individual to put paper in a printer .

5. Model Prompts: Co-worker shows the individual how to get to the bathroom . Supervisor demonstrates how to turn on the Computer .

3. why you would you use each cues .

why you would you use each cues