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work of caring

work of caring.

I need support with this Psychology question so I can learn better.

choose 3 papers from the attached and write 3 essays of minimum 700 words for each = total 2100 words for all 3

follow the requirements carefully!!

The assignment consists of five (5) essay questions (below), of which you may choose any three (3) to complete. In completing your essays, please be sure to directly reference course material (with citations as appropriate), and to identify and explain key concepts, arguments, and examples from throughout the course. The length of essays may vary, but students should expect that a complete essay will likely be between 1-2 singled spaced (typed) pages (each).

– Throughout the course we have identified ways in which care work is “erased” – or made invisible. How do social norms related to gender, race/ethnicity, and social class contribute to the invisibility of care work? Drawing on at least two (2) different sources from across the semester, discuss at least three (3) ways ideas about social location (gender, race/ethnicity, social class) reinforce the invisibility of care work. What are the consequences of these ideologies for marginalized communities?

– While the unpaid work of caring for families, in particular, is often demanding, those who do it typically describe their experiences as simultaneously oppressive and empowering. How does the practice of compensating (paying for) this labor – so that it is done by workers – change that experience (if at all)? Drawing on the experiences of the nannies described in MacDonald’s Shadow Mothers, consider the relationship between the oppressive character of the carework these “shadow mothers” perform and the ways in which these workers assert power in these employment relationships.

– Much of the care work we have read about this semester requires those doing it – whether paid or unpaid – to manage their own emotions as part of their job. Drawing on at least two (2) different sources from across the semester, consider the ways in which emotional regulation is a part of the work of caring. What are the appropriate emotions for paid care workers? How are these different for unpaid care workers? In what ways does working “for family” (whether traditional families or fictive kin) complicate the work of caring? How does this additional emotional component impact the way such labor is valued?

– Choose your own adventure! For this essay option, students will a) write their own essay prompt – which must be distinct from any of the options provided above or on any previous assignments – and then b) provide a clear outline of what a complete response would include (include key terms with explanations, key examples with references, and key issues/points). Essays are not required for this option – only detailed outlines – but complete responses/outlines should include 3-5 direct references to course material. Remember to develop prompts and outlines that demonstrate your understanding of course material.

work of caring