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WRIT 206 DISCUSSION questions

WRIT 206 DISCUSSION questions.

I’m trying to study for my Political Science course and I need some help to understand this question.

Watch: What’s It Like To Work At Google? (Links to an external site.) and Read: Netflix Job Culture (Links to an external site.)
and compose a 250-word response:

1. One of the thematic parallels between Google’s and Netflix’s job culture
is innovation and how that can inspire freedom, individuality, and space to
create. Do you consider innovation to be a staple among tech and other
work cultures?

2. What other parallels or contrasts did you find between these company cultures?

3. What other organizational or workplace cultures appeal to you? You can choose
to comment on Google, Netflix, or research your own entity.

When citing an article, please use quotation marks and paragraph numbering as in-text citation.
Example: (para 5) or (paras 6-7)

When citing digital content such as film/TV episodes/videos, please use timestamps as in-text citation.

Example: (5:56) or (6:20-7:20)

WRIT 206 DISCUSSION questions