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Write a discussion reply APA format

Write a discussion reply APA format.

I’m stuck on a Business question and need an explanation.

Given the following learning objective: Decision Theory and Sensitivity Analysis in Operations Research,

Please Review the articles listed below and provide a response to the following discussion topic: How could we optimize Urban planning to address issues with homelessness?

In every city/state there are organizations who invite homeless to come in for soup, breakfast, supplies, etc. Most of these organizations remained closed during the most vulnerable time.

Given the latest pandemic how agile can organizations be to resume operations, and under what circumstances?

please write in APA format!

article links are here!

Baum, A. S. (2019). A nation in denial: The truth about homelessness. Routledge. Retrieved from

Scholten, L., Schuwirth, N., Reichert, P., & Lienert, J. (2015). Tackling uncertainty in multi-criteria decision analysis–An application to water supply infrastructure planning. European Journal of Operational Research, 242(1), 243-260. Retrieved from…

Johnson, M. P. (2015). Data, Analytics and Community-Based Organizations: Transforming Data to Decisions for Community Development. ISJLP, 11, 49. Retrieved from…

Write a discussion reply APA format