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write a response to given discussion. Minimum 75 words

write a response to given discussion. Minimum 75 words.

I’m working on a Nursing exercise and need support.

General Adaptation Syndrome your body goes through three stages reacting to life’s everyday demands. First, alarm reaction, sends a surge of hormones to face the extra stress needed. Second, stress resistance, your body goes back to a state of pre-stress. Third, stress exhaustion, state due to all the demands your body faces starts breaking down.

With constant everyday life, checking in on social media, the news, and emails off hours can lead to burnout. Which in nursing school, I was taught happens in the medical field. However, any sabotage in the workplace should be considered a burnout and poor management is the cause, (Rough, 2019).

Stress increases levels of cortisol increasing abdominal fat. Stress also increases levels of glucose increasing risk of diabetes. As stated before, facing stress constantly can affect the pancreas to produce hormone insulin in the body to bring down the levels of glucose resulting in diabetes.

Type 1 diabetics are born without hormone insulin making them dependent on injecting insulin with meals. Type 2 diabetics are non-dependants whose first option is to take oral medications that reduce levels of glucose with meals and exercise. When they cannot control their glucose with oral medicines, their next option is injecting insulin with meals.

Stress affecting the body can also increase cancer causing growth tumors. Due to a surge of hormones released in response to the body’s nervous system altering the body’s normal cells. “The stress hormone norepinephrine has been determined to stimulate growth of human cancer cells, thus linking the stress response to cancer growth, but not necessarily to the actual development of cancer. Furthermore, this same research determined that beta-blockers (drugs that reduce the impact of stress hormones) slowed the growth of cancer cells; thus this research shows promise in the treatment of cancer” (Kolander , 2013 p. 126).

Other factors that could raise levels of stress are finances, family, living conditions, work, school. Finances could be an issue when looking into buying a new home, paying bills on time, providing food for oneself or family, buying a car or taking transport. Demands at work can increase levels of stress. Taking one level higher including if there is conflict with a coworker.

As women, we face many roles and stresses in our everyday lives. However, women are better equipped to dealing with stress. We are able to listen to our bodies so we take the time to embrace ourselves whether it is a nice bath, a good self- help book, a walk, or talking to a friend as outlets. Also, we can identify the triggers that help reduce our stress. Most importantly, we have to remember to let it go, it will pass, we will be able to see clearly what is in front of us.


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write a response to given discussion. Minimum 75 words