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Write a study guide: answer the 8 questions on the file.

Write a study guide: answer the 8 questions on the file..

I’m studying for my Social Science class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

Vandana Shiva: Against Genetically-Modified Foods (200 points for doing both #1 and #2):

==around 300 words for total { 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.}

1.Just looking at the title of this documentary alone, what do you think it is about? Response:

2.What do you think is the filmmakers’ perspective? Response:

3.Why? Provide three things that support your conclusion: Response:

4. What questions arose for you in watching this documentary? Response:

5. What are your overall thoughts regarding this documentary?

6. What are your overall feelings regarding this documentary?

7. What three things would you like to know more about? Response:

8.Identify three scholarly articles that you would like to read on each of the three things above: Response:

Please read the yellow words carefully.

Indicate by making a check mark below as to what is included in your Study Guide.

_____ Vandana Shiva: Against Genetically-Modified Foods

_____ The Corporations: Interrogating A Modern Institution

_____ The Long Shadow: How Slavery Continues to Impact American Society

_____ China Revs Up

Pay attention! Please response the questions seperately, also, it is four to five sentences per every item within a section, keep the format, the format is very important, thanks.

Please answer the quetions like this

History Inside Out (100 points):

    • What is the main point/focus/claim/argument of this text? Response: The main focus here is colonization by Europeans, and the hallmarks of their modernity
    • What quote(s) or passage(s) helped you to understand this text? Response: The passage that helped me understand this text is that the major and not the explicit mistakes made our agreed and old thinking concerning the geography together with history, together with this mistake has altered a lot of schools of thought and deeds.
    • What questions arose for you in reading this text? Response: I asked myself why it is said that the colonization of Africa and other Asian countries did not spoil their culture while I know it deep

Write a study guide: answer the 8 questions on the file.