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Write final draft

Write final draft.

I’m stuck on a History question and need an explanation.

Guidelines for the paper:

– Format: Make sure you write your name and ‘Greece’ in the top left hand corner of the first page and that you use 12 pt Times New Roman font with one-inch margins. Use headings in your paper for clarity. Remember, the sections you must include in your paper are introduction, literature review, background, and evidence and analysis in that order.

– Introduction: You must state your argument in the introduction. Before it, you may include your research question if you like.

– Literature Review: You must clearly state your intervention at the end of your literature review. The literature review examines the arguments of scholarly secondary sources. You should discuss at least 3-5 secondary sources that deal with your research question or related ones. Some of these sources may explain theoretical key terms necessary for understanding your argument.

– Background: The background must go over any necessary events, people, or key terms (mostly non-theoretical, as these most of the time are more appropriate for the literature review), that your reader needs to know before they delve into the details of your evidence.

– Evidence and Analysis: Your evidence comes from primary sources. These primary sources may be found in secondary sources, but you need to be clear about what the actual primary source in that scholarly piece is. Contextualize it and go over its content, stating how it supports your argument. Make sure you discuss at least 3 primary sources. This final section is considered the main part of your essay, so make sure it is appropriately long (it should take up no less than half of your essay).

Fifth, and finally, the university’s Office of Assessment has reached out to me for samples of your work in its evaluation of this course as one that fulfills the requirements of Integrative Learning. In trying to streamline the process of getting your consent as much as possible, please let me know if you are NOT comfortable with me submitting your final paper for this assessment. There are two steps in the process, so if you want to participate in the second step, you can fill out the consent form linked in the third paragraph of the attached letter explaining what this is in further detail.

Write final draft