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Write one – two page and answer questions

Write one – two page and answer questions.

Can you help me understand this Nursing question?

Listen to Module # 4

Link: Listen to the module below

Complete a one-two page reflection of what you learned within the module and how you will use this information as a future nurse educator in academics or professional development setting.

Include responses to the discussion/self reflection questions at the end of each module

After you have reviewed the module presentations and resources, consider how this material is relevant to your own work and experience. The following is a list of questions for self-reflection or for use in class.

  1. While an electronic health record (EHR) may be more accessible, has it made patient preferences more visible?
  2. How well does EHR capture and communicate patient preferences across settings or institutions?
  3. How would one determine whether interdisciplinary collaboration improves with an electronic record?
  4. Should nursing students stay in a single clinical environment – to allow mastery of the clinical information systems and equipment, rather than taking time to re-orient them at the start of each clinical?
  5. What strategies are helpful to faculty needing to stay current on healthcare innovations?
  6. While human factors can contribute to error, human interaction is important to patient-centered care. In your experience, have healthcare innovations increased opportunities for nurses to interact with patients?
  7. How can we help students understand what human intelligence contributes to the goals of enhancing safety and patient-centered care?
  8. How can we help students feel empowered (vs. overwhelmed) by the information available to them?
  9. If your students are using electronic resources on a hand-held device (e.g. PDA), how have you adjusted your expectations about preparation for med administration?
  10. What may be lost and what can be gained from a system that no longer requires nurses to use their own words for clinical documentation?
  11. What strategies have you tried to encourage students to report near-misses/errors?
  12. Are providers prepared to honor the preferences of well-informed patients?
  13. Though some find a standardized nursing language restrictive, others argue that it is absolutely necessary for the purpose of quantifying how nursing care influences health outcomes. How is this debate communicated to students in your program?
  14. Will health disparities widen as we move forward with computer-based healthcare innovations?

Write one – two page and answer questions