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Writing about some topics

Writing about some topics.

I need support with this Business question so I can learn better.

Watch these three videos or read the companion articles. They are about three highly publicized incidents where actions by employees forced

each company/institution to take a drastic and unusual action. As you watch, think about the ethics of what is happening. Then in 1-2 sentences

per number, answer the questions. Spelling and grammar count.

There is no right or wrong answer. There is only a complete answer that is supported by a reference to the text. Each question is worth 2 points

with 2 points for spelling and grammar.… (



( (


along with



1. Review the text on Setting the Right Ethical Tone and Corporate Social Responsibility. Do you think the children who were admitted to USC

after the alleged bribes, should be permitted to stay at USC? Why or why not using the text as your support?

2. Look at the Starbucks case and, referring to the same text pages, do you think the company is proceeding in an ethical way? Explain?

3. Look at the United Breaks Guitars case. Which company in this case exhibited ethical behavior? Explain?

4. Think about the Approaches to Ethical Reasoning, Duty-Based Ethics and Outcome Based Ethics. Which approach do you think the

management of Starbucks used when implementing their diversity training? Which approach should USC use towards the students? Which

approach was used by the ethical company in the United case? Explain?

Writing about some topics