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Writing Question

Writing Question.

I don’t understand this English question and need help to study.

Assignment Instructions

For this final assignment you will address two distinct topics as a single research paper. First you will be given the opportunity to evaluate the impact that the internet in general and social media in particular has had on homegrown violent extremism, and secondly you will provide an assessment of efforts to Counter Violent Extremism (CVE).


1) Provide an evaluation of the impact of the internet and social media has had on homegrown extremism in North America. In particular address the impact on recruitment and radicalization of extremists.

2) Conduct an analysis of current efforts to counter homegrown violent extremists in North America. Specifically compare and contrast various initiatives to counter extremism and de-radicalize extremists. Suggest at least one program or activity that you think could be done (or should be done more) to best counter or prevent radicalization. In making a recommendation you are not limited to the CVE activities from the readings, but you are welcome to suggest your own ideas as well (as long as they are legal and ethical).

  • The body of your report is to be four to six pages in length (points will be deducted if the minimum page requirement is not met) and is to contain the following:
    • Include a separate title page and a separate reference page.
    • A brief introduction, conveying what the paper is about
    • A main body, containing the “meat” of your, where you specifically address the assigned topics
    • A conclusion, summarizing the content of the report clearly and concisely
  • Typewritten in double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font with one inch margins all around. See the attached resources to the midterm assignment such as the APA sample paper, the APUS Writing Style Guide APA and the resource on “How to write an effective college level research paper for HLSS courses”.
  • Utilize resources provided to you throughout the course to support your work as your primary sources. However, you may supplement your work with scholarly research you conduct on these topics (see the attached guide on how to find scholarly works). Include at least 2 scholarly sources for each page of content. Assignments will be automatically submitted for review through Turnitin and will be graded in accordance with the writing assignment grading rubric. Freely utilize appropriate sources, summarize in your own words and cite accordingly, but be mindful of excessive direct quotes.
  • Sources utilized are to be cited and listed in accordance with the APA writing style
  • Save your work as a Microsoft Word document using your last name in the title in the following format, “SmithHLSS323FinalPaper.doc” and attach as your assignment
  • Refer to grading rubric for additional details concerning grading criteria

Writing Question