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written assignment

written assignment.

I need help with a Business Law question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.


Corporations chapter

Subway –

Quizno’s –

KFC Corp. –

The UPS Store –

RE/MAX Int’l Inc. –

Domino’s –


Research one of the above corporations and find out what does it cost to purchase a franchise and what do you have to do to own a franchise. What rules govern the business?

Use Lexis or Westlaw (library can give you access(library use only) or use the internet) – Provide at least 4 litigations against the Company and a brief synopsis of the case(10-12 lines is plenty).

What type of business would you form to protect yourself, why? What are the benefits and risks in forming this type of business?

Which franchisees are the most content with the corporation you selected? Why or why not?

written assignment